Its National Waffle Day!! 5 steps for cheat meal damage control!

Its National Waffle Day!! 5 steps for cheat meal damage control!

Yes it is National Waffle Day!!! And YES we are as excited about it as you!

A delicious waffle with vanilla ice-cream and some maple syrup is so magical you would think its the stuff of myths and legends, something out of a disney movie even.

The problem is, and I'm sorry to be the one that tells you, all this sugar reeks havoc on your skin!

So here are a few damage control steps.

Step 1)

I know summer is coming so you're feeling guilty about your bikini body,, DON'T! The first rule of cheat meal is do not feel guilty! The 2nd rule of Cheat meal is do not feel guilty...

Seriously though, you are only human so its perfectly natural to want to enjoy an unhealthy meal, you go girl!


Step 2)

Don't spend the rest of the day starving yourself.

Make sure your next meal is healthy. Add in a bit of protein and veggies.

One of the main problems with sugar binges is not the bad stuff you are getting but also the good stuff that you AREN'T getting. So sure you just had loads of sugar which isn't great, you still need to think of feeling your body correctly for the rest of the day to keep your mitochondria healthy and getting the nutrients that they need.

Step 3)

Don't start taking unhealthy chemical filled supplements.

Keep it natural by adding in cinnamon. Research shows that cinnamon helps improve the body's ability to metabolite and use carbohydrates.


Citrus fruits are also great to add into the mix, see our previous post on lemon water here

Step 4)

Plan ahead and exercise! If you know that you are going to be eating badly get the most bang for your buck and get in a workout before.

Don't trick yourself and say you will after because if you are anything like me post cheat meal you'll be sitting on the couch holding your belly and trying to find something to watch on Netflix. So plan a workout before, even if its quick jog, some pilates or a swim.

Step 5) 

Keep being awesome


Lots of Love


Little Eskimo

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