Moisturizing, Masking and Misting. The 3Ms of Skincare.

Moisturizing, Masking and Misting. The 3Ms of Skincare.

This blog has been adapted from But First products 5 Foundations of Skincare 

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Everyone has their skincare routines, hacks and secrets. From 10 step programs to bedtime tips.
We have three core actions that you can implement and easily add into your skincare routine.
The idea of moisturizing is to keep the skin at the right levels of hydration.
When skin is too dry or too oily, many of the well known skincare problems like acne start to occuring.
In order for your skin to glow and be at its best both daily and long terms it's important to moisturize daily and keep it consistent.
Day to day this will allow your skin to perk up immediately but on a long term basis using moisturizer creates a healthy environment for skin cells to repair themselves and aid in the turnover of new cells
We suggest using an SPF moisturizer during the day. #jenannistonskincaresecrets
And an Anti-Aging moisturizer before bed.
The best time to apply a moisturizer is when your skin is still damp after washing.
Always apply to clean skin.
Do some exploration as to what moisturizer works for your skin type.
Misting is an easy way to improve the radiance of your face.
Face mists are an essential skin care go to item.
Especially in humid weather or after a workout.
A good mist will leave you feeling refreshed and give your complexion a sultry dew.
The idea with mists are hydration.
Mists are great even if you are wearing makeup to ensure your skin stays hydrated and you have a glowy look throughout the day.
Facial mists have become more and more popular as the skincare technology improves.
Rosewater (which is still great) used to be the key mist but now mists have upped their game and added in antioxidants, multivitamins and other essential oils.
Keep a mist in your bag or an easy way to keep your skin looking radiant throughout the day.
This is our area of expertise 
The most googled skincare trend of 2017 is here to stay.
There are various types of masks to explore, from mud masks to peel off masks, sheet masks and ice masks. The world of masking is endless.
You can use them daily, but we’ve made a rule for at least once a week on Masking Mondays.
10/15 minutes a day of masking magic and depending on the type of mask you can be cleansed, hydrated or just covered in goodness.
When it comes to masking we suggest the Little Eskimo face mask to help reduce inflammation.
The idea of the mask is that it takes away redness, helps diminishes blemishes and controls pores.
The mask also feels super refreshing so great after a long day or to start your day off.
Masks are the pamper session you didn’t know you needed.
So relax, put on some good music and #maskandchill


This blog has been adapted from But First Products 5 Basic Simple Steps of Skincare Goals Routines

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