My Little Eskimo Mask

What is Little Eskimo?

Little Eskimo is a cold therapy treatment used to curb inflammation leaving you feeling fresh and energized.What is Little Eskimo?


How do I use my Little Eskimo mask?

Place Little Eskimo into Little Eskimo pouch and place into fridge or alternatively can put into freezer for 15 minutes.


What's the shelf life?

The mask has no set shelf life, as there are no active ingredients. The mask can be used multiple times.


How do I care for my mask?

Little Eskimo will be chilling the fridge/freezer with food so to ensure that both Little Eskimo and your food are kept separate and hygienic we suggest you keep Little Eskimo bundled up in her pouch.


Can I share a mask?

Although sharing is caring, for hygiene purposes it is not advisable to share Little Eskimo with friends.


What if I have sensitive skin?

Little Eskimo is safe to use for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Little Eskimo curbs inflammation without the use of chemicals or other ingredients. With the use of cold therapy, you are harnessing the body's natural response.


What about using with braces and fillings?

Although it must be noted that Little Eskimo is safe to use with orthodontic appliances such as braces or fillings and will not damage such orthodontic appliances, however if there is any major discomfort it is advisable to cease use.


Is Little Eskimo safe?

Little Eskimo is 100% safe to use. Little Eskimo has gone through many variations and after much research we found the perfect material to fill the mask as well as the perfect shape to get the most benefit for your skin.

If there is any discomfort or burning sensations cease use immediately


Do you test on animals?

We love our little fury friends so much that we tested the Little Eskimo on humans first, we know now it's even safe enough for Polo Bears to use.


Why not just use ice?

Ice melts, Little Eskimos are forever. After the ice has melted you will be cold and wet whereas after using a Little Eskimo you will be refreshed and feeling great.


Why cold treatment?

Cold therapy treatment can be used as a stand-alone home treatment to energize and revitalize the skin as well as curb inflammation or it can be used in conjunction with existing treatments to speed up the healing and have you looking more beautiful.


Why is my skin red?

After a facial treatment, the skin is usually red and inflamed by using Little Eskimo you reduce redness and inflammation. The same goes for botox, laser or any facial or cosmetic surgery. Many spas are looking to Little Eskimo as a soothing solution for post treatment redness.